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The Internet is in itself an inexhaustible resource when it comes to literature on net art. It’s also online that you find the artworks and where the dialogue continues to exist.

Many renowned researchers like to publish their articles on the web and have been active in the many e-mail lists, discussion sites and forums that deal with digital culture; nettime, 7-11 and for example. The discussions and activities that take place on these lists and sites are essential if we are to understand the movements of Internet culture. The most prominent lists and forums participated in the creation of a culture around net art and drew attention to the existence of the various works. Similarly, the physical meetings were important. They brought together the core of these artists to discuss works and issues, such as the tactical media conference, Next5Minutes. This tradition still continues at the major festivals of digital culture, such as the annual Transmediale in Berlin, Germany and Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, as well as small artist-run events, such as 0100101110101101.ORG’s The Influencers, which since 2004 has been held annually in Barcelona, Spain. Although, many of these are focused on media and digital culture broadly, the latter also on media activism.

Litterature on net art

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