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Osterhoff first tiles

About the artwork: The Map Is Not The Territory

For the Performing the Media exhibition, Johannes P. Osterhoff creates a new online performance work called The Map Is Not The Territory, where personal tracking is in focus.

The performance will be launched at the event at Supermarkt in Berlin on April 3rd 2014, where Osterhoff will be remotely present through a projection of his real-time location at another place in Germany. The performance deals with alternative representations of tracking and location. These are shown via randomly distributed map tiles, showing Osterhoff’s real-time location. This creates a distributed and networked presence of the artist.

The context for this performance is the everyday data-collection and surveillance done by media devices and pages. Osterhoff wants to make this process more visible to its users, to gain a critical awareness. Devises can in this context be misused with the user not being aware of what is actually going on in the background, and how his/her data are collected by the big companies in question.